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recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone

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History of Leyton

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Grove Green Road shops

374 Grove Green Road
Fredrick Lawton dairy c1903-c1910
Thomas Thomas dairy & Post Office c1922-c1950
Post Office c1960
Dunn Post Office and stationers c1976
Post Office c1984
apparently not occupied 2013

374a Grove Green Road
Henry Burt barbers and telephone office c1903-c1910
Henry Burt barbers c1922-c1970
Danahire car hire c1976
Bhatt greeting cards c1984
Garlands convenience store 2012

376 Grove Green Road
Francis Sharp tobacconist c1903-c1901
William Bailey confectioner c1922
J Shields confectioner c1925
Reeves confectioners c1935-c1939
Stevens confectioners c1950-c1976
Garlands convenience store 2012

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Grove Green Road has shop premises on one side, between Ashville and Southwest Roads.  Alex Wilkinson has memories of, and has researched, the shops that used to be there.  The photographs were taken in October 2012.  Changes continue.