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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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The Second World War (continued)

Stoll’s the German bakers opposite Harrow Green was damaged in the Second World War, as it had been in the First.  The German butcher’s, Geller’s, at the Thatched House , was also attacked. 5

5  WFOHW interview 124

War heroes

George Allan Mitchell was born on 30th August 1911 and grew up in Beaumont Road, Leyton.  He attended Farmer Road Board School from 1924 to 1927.  On the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the Cameronian Highlanders.  In January 1944, after an action in Italy in which Mitchell had exhibited extraordinary bravery, he was killed by a German soldier who had surrendered  6.

6  One Crowded Hour, Jack Cornwell, The Boy V. C., with brief details of three other local Victoria Cross holders by David Ian Chapman, published by the  Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society

Flying Officer Dennis Herbert Cockram was one of the 50 air force prisoners of war who escaped from Stalag Luft III camp on the night of 24th-25th March 1944 but were recaptured and killed by the Gestapo on 31st March 1944.  Cockram was aged 23.  His ashes are at Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery in Poland 7.  He had lived at 144 Essex Rd, Leyton 8 (photo to left).

7  http://www.stephen-stratford.co.uk/the_50.htm

8  Personal communication from Neal Chubb who drew this story to my attention, confirmed by research.

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