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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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1688 to 1727, the reigns of William and Mary, Anne and George I

John Strype

The vicar of the parish church of St Mary’s, John Strype, had been there since 1669, but after William III seized the throne Strype started to publish books chronicling and praising the wisdom of the Elizabethan Reformation.  As Rural Dean of Barking Strype had a role in promoting Whig candidates for parliament 1. Sir William Hicks, lord of the manor of Ruckholt, provided Strype with papers collected by Sir William’s great grandfather who had been secretary to William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth’s Secretary of State.  So there appears to have been a community of political and religious outlook between Leyton’s vicar and its most important landowner.


1  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography article on John Strype

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