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History of Leyton

recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone

recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone









Ashville Road


George Harmon lived at 56 Ashville Road until 1954 when he was 16 years old.  Much of the furniture from the house is still with George in Australia.  He emigrated there in 1967, having been offered a job.  

Mrs Beryl Wilkerson, name before marriage Barkas, lived next door at 54 Ashville Road.  On the night of 29th January 1944 Ashville and Pearcroft Roads suffered a direct hit from an enemy bomb.  Several people were killed and her family’s house suffered blast damage to windows and doors.  At this time her grandmother and aunt were in service to the Lister family (sisters - Edith & Gulielma) who lived at Sycamore House, 881 High Road, Leytonstone.  The sisters allowed Beryl Barkas and her mother and sister to stay at Sycamore House whilst their Ashville Road home was being repaired.  By the time this was done Beryl’s grandmother had retired and her mother had taken over the housekeeping duties.  Servants were hard to get after the war and Beryl’s mother did not like to leave the old ladies.  Gulielma Lister died in 1949, and after the death of Edith the following year Beryl and her mother and sister returned to 54 Ashville Road.

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Ashville Road