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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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the later Victorian and Edwardian times 1890 to 1919


A campaign was started for a free public library in Leyton, which Harrow Green head teacher Alfred Phillip Wire was writing to the newspapers in 1891 to support.  Another campaigner was E C Pittam who was also a leader in the campaign to protect the Lammas Lands from encroachment.  The first free public library was opened in May 1893 in the building still used as a public library on Leyton High Road, which had been built as the first town hall 1 (photo below).

1  “The Express & Independent. / Saturday, May 27th,1893 // Leyton Free Library” numbered 292 in “Wire Collection News Cuttings 1893”, VHM shelf item at L04 Q

Leyton Library
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