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History of Leyton

recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone

recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone









I was elected to Leyton Borough Council for Harrow Green Ward in 1953 and represented it until amalgamation of the Boroughs in 1965 when I was Leyton’s last Deputy Mayor.  As a single woman I found no prejudice and was appointed Chair of the Libraries Committee (a prestigious one then) within two or three years of election.  I had the signal privilege of an inspiring Town Clerk, Derek Osborne, and an internationally recognised Borough Librarian, Edward Sydney MC FLA.  I remained Chair of that Committee for approximately seven years and when I suggested a change, hey presto ! my much valued Vice Chair, George Robinson (of the outstanding local Robinson family) became Chair and myself Vice Chair !

During my 13 years as Councillor I benefited from the knowledge and experience of many outstanding women Aldermen and Councillors : Mrs King, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Burnell, Mrs Dare, Mrs Pearson and another, a Chair of Housing whose name slips my memory.  And they were tough !  The same values applied to male colleagues and I particularly cherish the quality and memory of Aldermen Béchervaise and Reynolds.

One woman Leyton Councillor’s experience - Vi Gostling

A woman Leyton Councillor

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