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A long period of prosperity has made most people sufficiently content with government and politics to leave them to a small number who choose these areas for a career.  Conflict is now more between different arms of government, for example hospitals which wish to minimise in-patient stays and local authority social services which struggle to support those unable to look after themselves until they have made some progress towards recovery.  

In a multi-cultural society perhaps only government bodies can honestly claim to represent the whole population (and Leyton in the 21st century certainly has many cultures), which marginalises the whole of community life – all voluntary organisations.  Political parties which aspire to government might also have a claim to impartiality.

There is a widely held belief that decisions are taken favoured by Labour councillors which favour Leyton.  Under Labour Party control since 1997 some central government funding has been targeted at the areas with greatest deprivation in terms of poverty and social problems.  On such criteria the electoral ward areas of Cathall, Cann Hall and Leyton are eligible for the extra resources.

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