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recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone

recollections, photos and memorabilia of Leyton and Leytonstone









Street party in Ashville Road celebrating the end of the Second World War.  The group is in front of number 174, soon to be the home of Sue Lakeman who has provided the photo.

Ashville Road


Ashville Road residents

Ashville Road was built as part of the Grove Green Lane Estate, on which a number of streets had names connected with trees.  It was first occupied around 1882 or 1883.

Sue Lakeman at number 174 was at the Dyers Hall / Grove Green Road end of Ashville Road which had about forty dwellings, an off licence, a corner shop (both long gone now we all shop at supermarkets), and two public / religious buildings : Ashville Hall (now a mosque), and a Gospel Hall where she attended Sunday School. Remarkably for such an urban street, it also contained a stable, tucked away behind the houses on the odd-numbered side.  Sue never visited the stable but thinks it housed a couple of horses used to pull carts – rag’n’bones, or a greengrocery cart that came occasionally.

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