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People from Pakistan and other Islamic regions had established mosques, religious education and social organisations.

Waltham Forest Council’s website reports that the recorded white population in Waltham Forest fell by 17,000 between 1991, at 74.4% of the population, to 2001 at 64.5%.  (This probably does not adequately reflect a brief surge in the number of white South Africans living locally, and the more recent influx of eastern Europeans.)  People regarded as in ethnic minority groups rose from 25.6% in 1991 to 35.5% in 2001.  Black Caribbeans numbered 14,410 in 1991, 17,797 in 2001, to 8.2% of the local population.  Pakistani people numbered 13,310 in 1991 and 17,295 in 2001, a growth of 30%. Black Africans numbered 12,630 people in 2001, 5.7% of the total population.

People in Waltham Forest stated their religion to be Christian 56.8%, Muslim 15.1%, Hindu 1.8%, Jewish 0.7%, Sikh 0.6%, Buddhist 0.4%, Other 0.4%, No religion 15.4%, Not stated 9%.

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