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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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1 August 2013 : famous people from the area - Stuart Freeborn added and David Bailey updated

16 July 2013 : reference added to Doug Webb who flew on the Dambusters raid

24 August 2012 : caption to Norlingon Road School photo corrected; link to Beryl Rickards’ Connaught Road School class photo

28 June 2012 : change of wording to ‘The Terrain’, trying to reflect helpful comment by Barry Hughes about the clay that underlies London

20 January 2012 : addition of short article on the Black Path; addition of reference to Becontree Hundred meeting place; Fascism page text amended to explain photo is of 1950s synagogue (thanks to Councillor Paul Braham)

November 2011   appearance of links altered

26 August navigation error for update and 1688 landowners pages addressed

25 August minor presentational changes;

23 August continuing work on page to page navigation;

22 August additional material

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